Christmas Eve wildfire on North West slope of Arroyo Verde Park

Just before 7pm on Christmas night, a wind driven wildfire started on the North West slope of Arroyo Verde Park near the middle of the recreational area. The fire was on a hill, approximately 100ft X 100ft in size and was in deep chaparral and trees spreading at a moderate speed. The Ventura Fire Department was currently on or responding to multiple emergencies in the city prior to the fire and one engine was available in the city to respond. A Ventura City engine, en route to another emergency, diverted to Arroyo Verde Park and arrived within two minutes of the initial alarm, established a water supply, and initiated a direct attack. Fire crews from the Ventura County Fire Department responded into the city from Camarillo, Rincon, and Oxnard to provide automatic aid. Crews worked in two divisions, surrounded the fire, used power tools to cut trees and place a control line around the fire. A fire hydrant, in close proximity, provided ample water—which significantly aided efforts to stop and control the blaze.

Ventura Police secured the park and provided traffic control, providing clear entry for fire equipment. The fire was knocked down within 35 minutes and fully extinguished in 90 minutes. The fire was contained to less than a quarter acre in. The fire was started by human activity, no evidence at the scene indicated whether the fire was set intentionally. The incident is currently under review by a Ventura Fire arson investigator. If anyone has any information in regard to suspicious activity in Arroyo Verde Park, please contact the Ventura Police Department.

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