The Grandes Dames are the ultimate Rubicon Theatre volunteers

The Grandes Dames recently held an elegant luncheon at the Las Posas Country Club in Camarillo. The Grandes Dames host several luncheons and events, each year at different upscale locations  throughout Ventura County including country clubs, hotels and yacht clubs.

The luncheons include wonderful entertainment provided by cast members who perform at the Rubicon Theatre. Jennifer Lee Warren entertained the gathering with her amazing voice and engaging personality. She recently returned from her appearance Off-Broadway in Rubicon’s own “Lonesome Traveler”.

Several Rubicon staff and actors spoke to the theater lovers and volunteers. These included Rubicon co-founder Karyl Lynn Burns, the theatre’s Producing Artistic Director and Brian McDonald who introduced several of the cast members that will appear in the upcoming production of A Christmas Story.

About 20 years ago, five of Ventura’s movers and shakers put their heads together and came up with a great idea when they decided to create an organization of grand ladies to support the Rubicon.

They decided to call their volunteer group the Grandes Dames – Ambassadors for the Rubicon who support the theatre through volunteer activities.

Both men and women (yes, there are a few lucky men who volunteer though they are usually called Grandes Gentlemen) attend the luncheons. Guests are always welcome and many go on to become Grandes Dames.

The Grandes Dame’s quarterly luncheons and membership fees helps to supports Rubicon activities and covers the cost of the luncheons.

The Rubicon is always looking for dedicated volunteers. If you want to learn more, visit, or call them at 667-2900. You can also stop by the theatre itself which is located at 1006 E. Main St.

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