Submersible dive expedition in the Channel Islands

This boat has been seen in the Ventura Harbor, we asked John Higgins to explain what it is.

“Deep Sub LLC (the cat owner) and the Undersea Voyager Project (owner of a two man submersible) have partnered with The Nature Conservancy and the University of Oregon to accomplish a submersible dive expedition in the Channel Islands. The trip is based out of Ventura Harbor to explore the waters around Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands below 150’. Fantastically, during the ice age 15,000 years ago sea level was 200’ lower, so the islands were bigger and connected by a land bridge. Presumably, the Indians would have moved down to live at the water’s edge; the trip will be using the sub to look for evidence of those Indian encampments. Because the study area is below 150’, the sub is better suited to the mission than scuba divers. Besides looking for Indian history, the sub will be used to explore the undersea geology of the land bridge and historic oil seeps around the islands. The expedition is very grateful for the support of the Ventura Harbor Patrol, Harbormaster and Port.”

John Higgins, Harbormaster

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