Vol. 9, No. 3 – November 11 – November 24, 2015 – Harbor Patrol Blotter




12:15pm, received a report from U.S. coast guard of an EPIRB activation most likely at Ventura Isle Marina G-28.  Officers responded by land and discovered no vessel in the slip that was reported by coast guard.

11:00am, while on patrol officers observed an illegally parked RV at Harbor Cove beach parking lot.  The owner was contacted and he moved the vehicle to Spinnaker Drive without incident.

4:40pm, while on patrol in the boat, officers impounded several unattended hoop nets near the Harbor Entrance and in prohibited areas.

10-28 7:50am, while on patrol in the vehicle, an officer observed smoke and popping sounds in the Riverbottom.  After investigation an illegal fire was observed, a warning issued to a local transient for burning batteries and illegal camping.

2:00pm, while on patrol in the vehicle an officer observed a suspicious vehicle.  He ran the license plate and the vehicle was reported stolen.  Ventura PD responded and determined the keys were still in the ignition so they contacted the owner to pick up the vehicle.

3:38pm, received a dispatch to a hazard investigation at Olivas Park and Harbor blvd.  Officers responded and observed a palm frown had fallen on a power line causing an arc and was smoldering.  The fire was out and no further danger was observed.

4:15pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue: kite surfer in distress ½ mile off the Ventura Pier.  Officers responded picked up the kite surfer then transported him to the beach where he was assessed by AMR and fire then released.

5:00-10:22pm, officers dealt with a transient who stole a parking permit from VWM, drove his van in reverse (because had no forward gear) through the 4points Sheraton parking lot gate and lastly was found sleeping on a bench near VWM restrooms.  The transient was moved along and advised he would be arrested for trespassing if found in the area again.





 8:40pm, received a report of a becalmed 27ft sailboat with 2 POB’s near the #2 navigation buoy outside the harbor.  Officers responded and towed the vessel and released it to its slip in Ventura Harbor marina.

9:05pm, dispatched to a 92 year old female who fell at 4points Sheraton hotel.  Officers responded and determined that no injuries were sustained in the fall and the female was assisted back into bed.

8:18pm, while on patrol, officers observed a local transient in his White Van illegally camping at the launch ramp.  The male transient has been a nuisance for several days: parking illegally, camping illegally and operating a disabled vehicle that only drives in reverse.  Officers issued the vehicle a citation for expired registration.


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