Vol. 9, No. 2 – October 28 – November 10, 2015 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

10-4 5:30-6:55pm, officers on patrol enforced ordinances and state laws in reference to hoop netters fishing for spiny lobster around the breakwater.
10-5 12:05pm, received a report of a shark thrashing outside the surf at Emma Wood beach.  Officers responded and searched the area but were unable to locate a shark but did observe dolphins in the area thrashing around.
10-6 9:15-11:35, officers monitored hoop netting activity around the breakwall.  Several warnings were issued for boating and hoop netting violations.
10-7 10:05pm, received a report of an intoxicated male on one of the sport fishing vessels that was heading out.  Officers responded, removed the individual from the vessel and treated minor wounds from a fall.  A cab was hailed and transported the fisherman home.


4:22pm, officers were dispatched to a water rescue at the Ventura Pier, for a male who jumped off the pier.  Patrol responded by boat and assisted State Parks remove the victim from the water.  The male was eventually arrested for resisting arrest and other violations.

6:40pm, the 120ft x 60ft catamaran research vessel Cheyenne, formerly owned by Steve Fosset was given permission to secure to the Port Districts longdock for a few days to gather equipment and provisions before embarking on a research dive mission at the Channel Islands.

10-9 10:59am, received a report of a medical emergency aboard a recreational motor boat fishing the backside of Santa Cruz island.  Patrol arranged for paramedics to stage at the launch ramp and officers escorted the vessel when it arrived at the Harbor entrance.  The male was complaining of symptoms related to heart disease and transported to local hospital.

5:16pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue near San Pedro lane.  Officers responded with a boat and RescueWaterCraft to assist a swimmer who was caught in a rip current.  The victim was rescued and released at the scene.



11:10pm, received a report of joy riding on a City Sailing Center boat in the Pierpont Basin.  Officers responded and observed several juvenile’s fleeing from the sailboat and escaping into Marina Park up the city dock.  The sailboat was taken en tow and returned to its slip without incident or damage.

1:57am, officers were dispatched to a 83 year old female complaining of chest pain at a local hotel.  The patient was treated and transported to local hospital.

10-11 2:07pm-6:25pm, officers performed lifeguard duties at South Beach and Surfers Knoll.  Officers executed over 20 water rescues of persons caught in rip currents and hundreds of safety contacts for beach patrons and swimmers.

5:00pm, received a dispatch to a person hit by a vehicle in the Marina mobile home park.  Officers responded and assisted medics with c-spine precautions.  The patient was transported to local hospital for further treatment.

1:09pm, received a dispatch to a fall victim at the Ventura Harbor Village.  The patient fell and sustained an injury causing significant bleeding.  Officers responded and treated the patient.  She was released with advice to seek medical attention for the injury.


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