Reel Anglers Guppy Outdoor Program Launch

Reel Anglers Fishing Show invites to all to attend the launch of their “Reel Guppy Outdoor Program” launch and program presentation on Thursday, October 29 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at Pizza Man Dan’s located at 1601 Victoria Ave. in Oxnard.

Throughout the evening, an informational presentation about the new and upcoming program will be given by Kevin Brannon, Founder and TV Host of the Reel Anglers Fishing Show. This new program will include organized outdoor programs for youths of all ages including fishing trips, educational workshops to learn about the history of the Channel Islands, a “Dream and Visions” component, and more.

“Whenever I would go out fishing with my kids, a lot of other children in my apartment complex started asking me if they could tag-along”, say Brannon. “A lot of these children are raised by single parents who are tied up with work and hardly have time to take their kids on these outings.” Brannon began taking a few of the youth in his complex out which then led to a few other projects he coordinated including “Hooked on Fishing” with the local Girl Scouts Chapter, a Lake Casitas Kids Fishing Day in partnership with the West Coast Christian Anglers, a “Fish in the City” program with the Long Beach State Parks, and Friends of ROLLO – a day of deep sea fishing with children from the Oxnard Police Activities League and children from homeless families of The City CenterTransitional Living.

The purpose of the program launch is to inform any community partners about the mission as well as act as a fundraiser to raise money to cover costs in programming materials, marketing, and securing a space to house the program.

The event is free to attend. Pizza Man Dan’s will be donating a portion of the proceeds from any pizza purchased the evening off at all locations.

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