Together We Can End Homelessness

Informing, Motivating, and Mobilizing the Community
Thursday, October 8, 2015
6:30-9:00 pm Poinsettia Pavilion 3451 Foothill Rd, Ventura

The Faith Subcommittee of the Ventura Social Services Task Force is sponsoring a workshop to proactively address the need for a community-wide effort to end homelessness.

PATH, a provider of housing throughout California, will share what they have accomplished in other communities. PATH ends homelessness and improves communities through housing, supportive services, and community engagement.

We invite representatives from houses of faith, the business community, government, and the public — All who want to help are welcome at this event.

Thursday, October 8, 2015 Poinsettia Pavilion
6:30 – Welcome from MC Rabbi Lisa Hochberg-Miller
6:45 – “Housing First” video
7:00 – PATH presentation
8:00 – Panel
8:45 – Closing comments
Refreshments and literature will be available throughout.

Our Moderator

Rabbi Lisa Hochberg-Miller has been the spiritual leader of Temple Beth Torah since 1997. In April, 2015, Rabbi Lisa was named one of the nation’s most inspiring Rabbis for her work to end homelessness.

Our Panelists
Peter Brown, Community
Services Manager, City of Ventura
Katie Hill, Chief Operating Officer, PATH
Kate Mills, Program
Administrator at Ventura County One Stop Program
Karol Schulkin, Program
Coordinator Homeless Services
Program, County of Ventura Human Services Agency
Dave Schulze, Minister at Ventura Church of Christ

The purpose of this event is to share, to learn, and to understand

  1. what other communities are doing to address the issues of housing and homelessness;
  2. what action steps are needed to end homelessness in Ventura; and
  3. what the faith community, the business community, social service providers, government, and individuals can do to end homelessness in Ventura.

Our goal is to inform, motivate, and mobilize the community so that together we can end homelessness in Ventura.

What is PATH?

PATH is People Assisting the Homeless, and its mission is “to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities.” Ever since it was founded in 1984, PATH has pioneered bold and effective approaches that bring communities together to assist people experiencing homelessness.

PATH finds funding, builds housing, and provides services that move people into housing and help them stay there. PATH  is working in many communities, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.

At this workshop we will explore together which options will work best to end homelessness in Ventura.

For information on PATH see



Presented by the Faith  Subcommittee of the  Ventura Social Services Task Force


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