Vol. 8, No. 26 – September 30 – October 13, 2015 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

9-12 10:27am, patrol was dispatched to an individual complaining of difficulty breathing.  The patient was treated then transported to local hospital by AMR.
3:04pm, Lifeguards requested assistance with a multiple water rescue at the South jetty.  Patrol responded by boat and pulled two swimmers from a rip current.  The victims were released without incident or injuries.
9-13 2:50pm, Vessel assist requesting assistance locating a lost vessel near the power plant.  Lifeguards located the 17ft skiff near the Santa Clara river mouth.  Patrol deployed a swimmer and marked the semi submerged vessel for later retrieval by Vessel Assist.
12:55am, officers observed a suspicious vessel near the break wall suspected of poaching.  Patrol contacted the operators of the skiff at the launch ramp when they hauled-out.  Nothing illegal was discovered after a safety inspection.
9-14 7:40am, an investigation into a large fishing vessel refusing to comply with harbor speeding ordinance was completed with the captain receiving a citation for multiple speed and wake law violations.

12:55am, officers were monitoring severe weather including heavy rain downpours.  The severe rain caused large amounts of debris flowing out of the Barranca near the keys.














 6:06pm, officers observed a large power outage throughout the Harbor.  During the outage patrol received several calls for malfunctioning alarms due to the power loss and when it came back on.

1:30pm, observed a 44ft sailboat, Lord David adrift near Harbor Cove.  A boater assisted the vessel with a tow to the entrance.  The skipper was having trouble raising his sails.  Patrol responded and towed the vessel a mile out because he was heading to Santa Barbara.

5:40pm, patrol was dispatched to a water rescue near Surfers Point.  Officers assisted a kite surfer unable to re-fly his kite.  He was released downcoast of the Pier and lifeguards escorted him to shore.

6:45pm, patrol monitored radio traffic for the vessel Lord David taking on water and the U.S. Coastguard taking the skipper on board their vessel.  The vessel was abandoned in the shipping lanes and current position unknown.

7:00pm,Tsunami advisory issued for California from San Onofre to Ragged Point for a 8.3 magnitude earthquake off of Chile.  Patrol monitoring and preparing for estimated arrival of tsunami at 5am tomorrow.

5:25am, officers meeting with scientists from USC to assist in monitoring and recording the tsunami event with scientific buoys, cameras and the districts tsunami gauge.

5:50am, officers observing the first significant outgoing surge from the Ventura Keys.  Throughout the rest of the day in-coming and out-going surges were observed.  The largest that was witnessed by officers monitoring the tide stick on the longdock was 2 feet in 10 minutes.  No damage was reported; just a few of the navigation buoy aides were moved off station in the harbor.

1:10pm, tsunami advisory cancelled by the Ventura County Sheriff’s office.

2:30pm, patrol received a request for a tow of a small sailboat taking on water in the keys.  The vessel was towed and released at the Ventura Yacht club.





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