Vol. 8, No. 25 – September 16 – September 29, 2015 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

8:30 3:00pm, Officers were dispatched to an injury from a fight in the Harbor Village.  Patrol responded and staged in the area while police investigated.  The subjects involved in the fight resolved the issue and refused medical care.
4:39pm, officers were dispatched to a near drowning of an 8 year old female who aspirated water while caught in a rip current at the South Jetty. City fire arrived and assessed the patient.
5:19pm, officers were dispatched to a tree on fire near Harbor Blvd/Spinnaker Drive.  After searching the area, officers were unable to locate a fire.
9:23pm, patrol was dispatched to injury from an assault.  While they were staging waiting for PD, they were approached by the victim.  City police arrived and took over the investigation.  The victim was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.
9:40pm, officers were dispatched to a fall victim at 4 Points Sheraton.  The patient was a 58 year old woman who was intoxicated at the hotel bar and fell suffering a large hematoma on the back of her head.  She was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.
12:50pm, received a dispatch to a 75 year old woman who fainted while playing bridge at the Four Points Sheraton hotel.  She was treated for syncope and transported to local hospital.
4:58pm, Harbor Patrol received a report of a vessel listing heavily in its slip.  Officers responded and discovered a vessel listing but not in danger of sinking because it had a livewell full of water on the stern and was not taking on water.

5:37pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed a vehicle driving recklessly on the large dirt parcel near the launch ramp.  The driver of the vehicle was detained and issued a citation for driving on the dirt lot.

7:50am, while on patrol officers contacted the subjects on the suspicious vessel from yesterday.  5 subjects were interviewed, all with criminal records and they were warned to leave their slip at 12 and not return to the Harbor.

12:35pm, contacted the suspicious vessel attempting to secure a slip in Ventura Harbor Village.  Officers informed the skipper they could go North or South to attempt to secure a slip, but that their suspicious nature would hinder any attempt at securing a slip in Ventura Harbor.

3:45pm, Officers observed the suspicious vessel leave, heading South.
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