Seniors collecting suitcases for foster children

Cypress Place Senior Living in Ventura is collecting suitcases for children in the Ventura County Foster Care Program. When a child enters foster care for the first time, it is usually in a time of crisis and confusion. Often the child’s possessions are hurriedly stuffed into a garbage bag or box.

The child then shows up at the doorstep of a foster home, frightened and scared, holding this trash bag or box. This scene is often repeated numerous times as the child is moved from one home to another.

“All of us here at Cypress Place Senior Living feel a child’s life is worth more than a trash bag or box,” said Mike Macke, one of the marketing directors at the senior community. “That is why we are collecting new and used suitcases to give to these children through a program we call Suitcases for Kids.”

From September 16th until October 16th the senior community will be accepting donations of a new or used suitcase to be given to one of the many foster children in Ventura County.

Once the suitcases have been collected, Cypress Place will invite the foster children to the senior community to present them with their very own suitcase. It is a small, yet wonderful way to help give a child a glimmer of hope and a sense of dignity according to Macke.

Suitcases may be dropped off to Cypress Place Senior Living at 1200/1220 Cypress Point Lane in Ventura. For more information please call 650-8000 or visit their web site at

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