Vol. 8, No. 22 – August 5 – August 18, 2015 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

7-20 12:24pm, Harbor Patrol officers were dispatched to a traffic collision at the intersection of Schooner and Harbor Blvd.  All of the parties involved were treated at the scene and released.  The entry feature to the launch ramp overflow parking lot was severely damaged in the accident.
7-20 4:32pm, officers received a report of a stingray sting at Surfers Knoll.  They responded and treated the patient with hot water.  The patient believed he was attacked by a shark, but the nature of the injury suggested otherwise. The patient was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for further treatment.
7-22 10:35pm, while on patrol in the truck, officers contacted several different recreational vehicles parked throughout the harbor for violating no camping ordinances.
7-23 5:31pm, officers received a call from an individual complaining of shortness of breath aboard his vessel in Ventura West marina.  Patrol notified fire dispatch and a full response was activated.  After fire and ambulance responded and treated the individual he was transported to local hospital.
7-23 6:50pm, patrol received a report of a disabled vessel at Harbor Cove.  When they arrived on scene, 3 persons were in the water and 4 persons were onboard the disabled vessel.  All persons and the vessel were rescued and released without incident.


9:01pm, patrol was dispatched to a 44 year old female who fell at the Four Points Sheraton lobby.  The patient was unsure what happened but appeared intoxicated.  She was treated for minor injuries then transported to a local hospital.
7-24 7:55am, officers received a report that a local transient was erratically and recklessly driving his van nearly ran over another local transient who was exiting the launch ramp restrooms.  The incident is being investigated.
7-24 5:03pm, patrol received a report from a concerned person that two dogs were in a vehicle at the village, possibly suffering from heat stroke.  Officers responded and ascertained that the vehicle was likely too hot for the dogs.  VC animal control was summoned and they concurred with patrol and the owner of the dogs was issued a stern written warning for the violation.
7-25 7:55am, officers received a report of a disabled vessel at the fuel dock.  The fishing vessel was towed and released to its slip in Ventura Harbor Village.


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