Robyn Lynn Kelly Art

art Robin

A woman full of art and love Robyn Lynn Kelly died January of 2014, at 50 years old.

Robyn Lynn Kelly was an extraordinary artist from a very young age.  From paint to charcoal to yarn, she was able to create pieces that were both simple and intricate.  Her art frequently garnered her recognition at the Ventura County Fair and was also featured in national magazines.

Perhaps the only thing more beautiful than her art was her giving heart.  Robyn was known for her generosity and patience.  She was a free spirit, full of life and love and passion – a woman who could charm anyone with her sense of humor and sparkling eyes.

Robyn loved her family fiercely and many others as though they were family.  There was selflessness in her love that drew people to her and she never turned anyone away.  Her greatest dream in life was motherhood, and she found immense joy in raising her adopted daughter Desiree Sky.  When Robyn was first diagnosed with terminal ovarian sarcoma, she reminded Desiree that she was her mother’s “gift to the world.”  Robyn’s spirit continues to shine through her daughter, reminding her family of the woman whose unfailing grace inspired us all.

Taken too young, Robyn Lynn’s beauty lives on in the hearts of those who knew her and in the art she poured her soul into.

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