16th Annual Phoenix Scholarship Ceremony

by Victoria Usher

On Thursday April 16th there was a truly inspiring event that took place at Ventura College in the school’s Wright Event Center.This event was the 16th Annual Phoenix Scholarship Ceremony where 28 re-entry students who have chosen to return to Ventura College to finish their education were not only congratulated but they were also given a $1,000 Phoenix Scholarship from the Ventura College Foundation. These 28 adult re-entry students were all individually picked to receive this specific scholarship because of their future goals, because of their financial need, but above all else because each and every one of them have learned to overcome their own difficult circumstances in order to be able to pursue their studies at Ventura College. During the ceremony each of the students had an opportunity to share their stories about how these scholarships have truly helped them to face their own personal challenges and be able to pursue their education.


When the Ventura College Foundation’s board of directors learned about the special needs of Ventura College re-entry students that’s when they established this scholarship in 1999. The Foundation’s staff and board of directors also hosted the scholarship ceremony on April 16th.

Stan Weisel sponsored the event this year. Weisel is a Ventura resident and founder of the Stan Weisel Endowed Scholarships; he has also pledged to sponsor this specific event for the rest of his life.

The students that received awards at this ceremony are from many different areas of Ventura.

The Ventura College Foundation has created something truly wonderful with this scholarship, they have discovered a way to truly help re-entry students have the kind of success that they deserve to have.

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