Emergency crews rescue man and service dog from minivan accident

On Sept.17, at 4:07pm Ventura City Fire personnel responded to a reported vehicle rollover with victims trapped inside on NB101 JSO San Jon Rd exit . The first arriving units found a mini-van that had rolled off the freeway and come to rest on its side on an adjacent frontage road. One adult male victim and one large canine service animal were trapped inside, with fuel leaking underneath the vehicle onto the road from a ruptured fuel tank. Protection hose lines were immediately deployed, absorbent applied to the fuel, and the vehicle stabilized to prevent further movement. Hydraulic rescue tools were utilized to cut away portions of the vehicle, making access to the interior. The male victim and his service animal were successfully extricated and transported to a local trauma hospital by ambulance. The male victim reportedly sustained moderate injuries, and the service animal was apparently unharmed.

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