The Dogs Of Lenin

The story of a doomed love affair.

Ventura resident Linda Freeny, who has two very well reviewed crime mysteries, changes course in this story of a third unnamed arm of the political system, too blind or biased, to recognize a plot to take over the USA from within by Russians planted here a long time ago. She researched the material to make the story believable for two years before putting a word on paper. She still likes her crime/mystery stories with another coming out later this year, but this one just begged to be written.

The Dogs Of Lenin   involves the story of the doomed love affair of Lisa Danton and Grant Chandler. From the moment they met they knew that each would follow a different path but tried to keep it together because their love was real and obsessive. They spoiled themselves to ever love anyone again. Lisa wanted to be a journalist, net work TV her goal. Grant, an activist, hated the media and its biases and the fact that they were unwittingly helping the Russians take America without a shot or a missile.

It takes place in the sixties and ends in the nineties, for this is where media bias truly began, not recently as so many believe. While Lisa climbs in her chosen field, Grant joins an underground group whose ideals and beliefs are the same as his own. Through them he meets a secret government organization of patriots, left over from the last administrations that were never disbanded.

He helps a Russian escape from East Berlin, the key to all the Russians planted here ever after WW2 ended.  He has the names of all the Russian plants, most of them in very important positions including Lisa’s own network. With all the information in hand now, and ready to reveal it to the American public, the organization needs a conduit to expose it. This is where Lisa comes in because of her past association with Grant. But will she help them and can she be trusted, because she is now one of them.

The Dogs Of Lenin can be bought online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Linda will sign books upon request.

Linda Freeny

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