CAPS Media, Ventura Police and the community

Ventura Police Officer Judson Welfringer shares the latest crime statistics on VPDTV.

The Ventura Police Department is partnering with CAPS Media to produce the Ventura Police Department’s weekly crime and safety update. Tune in every week to TV Channels 6 & 15, on CAPS Radio at 104.1fm and on social media to get some helpful hints on how to stay safe and keep abreast of the latest property crime statistics.

After the holidays, the Pacific High School students returned to the CAPS Media Center for more production and storytelling. They are extremely enthusiastic and talented students. Along with the El Camino High School producers, the Pacific High students and a band of very talented Girl Scouts, the CAPS studio has been brewing with young talent.

CAPS Media broadcast several of the meetings held by the city of Ventura regarding post fire clean-up with strong attendance. Our coverage of these meetings and city council meetings help the public navigate the policies and regulations through this difficult time. There is also time to honor and support the community with announcements of the various city events to raise money for the victims of the Thomas Fire. The Ventura Unified School district is back in session with coverage board meetings, welcoming the district’s new superintendent, David Creswell, and addressing the intellectual, safety and wellbeing of the students in Ventura. Welcome back students.

Our Thomas Fire Stories project is moving forward in collaboration with the Museum of Ventura County, the San Buenaventura Conservancy, ECTV, other agencies and most importantly the public. Everyone in the community is encouraged to join us by sharing their personal stories at the CAPS Media Center utilizing our professional expertise, equipment, studio facilities with distribution on television, radio and the internet. Learn to share your own story by joining the Thomas Fire Story Project. There are hundreds of individual and extraordinary Thomas Fire Stories to share, remember and celebrate. We invite everyone to help us remember and document our common experience.

CAPS Media has set up an easy process for the public to share Thomas Fire Stories and media for the historic project. Simply go to the CAPS Media website homepage at Find the Thomas Fires Stories image, click on the Read More arrow in the lower right corner. The page presents more details on the project and step-by-step instructions on how to contribute photos, video and other media.

If you have a story to tell or a tribute or thank you to share, send an email to or call the CAPS Media Center at 805.658.0500.

CAPS Media’s mission is to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media. Come to orientation on the first Thursday of every month to learn how to become an engaged and informed member of CAPS. Member classes include HD videography/camera class held on the 2nd Thursday, Final Cut postproduction editing class on the 3rd Thursday, and CAPS Radio (KPPQ, FM 104.1) two-part classes on the 4th week. In every training session Member/Producers receive hands-on instruction in videography, video editing, radio production and more. All classes begin at 6pm at the CAPS Media Center, 65 Day Road. Once trained, member/producers may check out CAPS Media’s video cameras, tripods, audio gear and other production equipment to record their story and then book postproduction editing suites to craft the story they want to tell. Go to for information or call 805-658-0500.

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