Kids & Families Together celebrating new center with ribbon cutting

The new center houses children’s therapy rooms, training facilities and room to grow.

Kids & Families Together and the Ventura Chamber of Commerce celebrate the opening of their new center with a ribbon cutting and open house at 864 Santa Clara St. This celebration is on Thursday, Nov. 9, from 4:00-5:30 pm.

In addition to the headquarters for Kids & Families Together operations, the new center houses children’s therapy rooms, training facilities and room to grow. Some of the services offered by Kids & Families Together include support groups, individual and family therapy, workshops, training, therapeutic visitation and kinship care. With this extra space, Kids & Families Together will be able to expand their programs and serve more families.

Kids & Families Together is a not-for-profit support, education and counseling resource center that provides services for individuals and families in foster care, kinship care and adoption, for the preservation of families and the physical, emotional and mental health of children. Kids & Families Together provides services through its collaboration with the Ventura County Human Services Agency and Ventura Behavioral Health Agency as well as other family serving organizations throughout Ventura County.

Their mission is to strengthen relationships by providing safe, supportive help that keeps family members emotionally connected to one another. Parents and caregivers need specialized education, and support that will enhance their ability to raise safe, and healthy children.

In addition to the new Santa Clara Center, Kids & Families Together has a Training Center in Camarillo and a Therapeutic Visitation Center in Ventura.

The celebration will also include tours of the center. Wine and appetizers will be served.

For more information about how to get involved with Kids & Families Together or utilize their services please contact: David Friedlander, President/CEO & Co-founder (818) 643-1446 x 100 or email

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