Ventura Legacies and the 150th

Legacy family members Jim and Myron Harrison with Suz Montgomery at CAPSTV. 
Photo by Michael Gordon

By Elizabeth Rodeno

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the City of Ventura is in the forefront of our minds these days. It’s the countdown to April 2nd for the grand party to be held at Plaza Park and later at Mission Park.

Venturans have been celebrating since November with many events have been held throughout the city. We were at the kickoff event at the Ventura County Museum where we all were introduced to some of the Legacy families; the Harrisions, Chaffees, Tumamaits and the Smith-Hobsons.

CAPS and crew, along with Suz Montgomery, invited several of the Legacy families including the Foster and Dudley families into our newly refurbished studio. We enjoyed learning about the history of Ventura through the eyes and ears of those who were there or from stories told to them.  We have made the history of Ventura and its’ legacies an important part of our programming. Our member’s continue to provide vibrant content that is Ventura centric all the while touching issues that are important to everyone.

Ventura’s party continues with the State of the City, the new West Park open house and Kellogg Park groundbreakings and launch of the Corporate Games. Check out channel 15 for coverage and stories on these events and much more. These events are all a run up to the big celebration on April 2nd.  Plaza Park will be filled with activity and CAPS Media will be there. We will be ready to hear your stories and share your memories with CAPS Media viewers. Look for our truck and film crew. We will ready to record your own special story. The day ends with a concert in Mission Park featuring Big Bad VooDoo Daddy.

Check out our new website and become a member for $25, seriously.  You can sign up and reserve your space in a class, enroll your kids in our Summer programs and get information on and support our new venture, CAPS Radio. CAPS Media is everywhere, on Vimeo, Channels 6 & 15 and live streaming at Thanks to Donald for the great new website, and the staff, crew and members who make CAPS Media the best media center around. Heading down Day Road you’ll catch sight of our sign and that means you need to drop in and say hello.


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