Vol. 9, No. 7 – January 6 – January 19, 2016 – A Tender Touch Senior Placement

How to help your elderly loved ones set goals for 2016
By Connie De La Rosa

People set goals all the time. Sometimes they succeed in achieving those goals, sometimes they don’t. Regardless of what your elderly loved ones  goals are, they have to be realistic about them. It is therefore important to ensure the goals your elderly loved one sets are achievable. Here is how to set achievable goals:

Set every goal positively
Plan out every detail
Decide on your priorities
Keep an eye on your goals
Divide large goals into smaller pieces
Set reasonable goals
Be realistic about your goals

Helping Seniors Achieve Their Goals: Ask and discuss. “What was in  your elderly parent(s) goals that  lacked the ability to reach  a previous goal? How is my parent going to pursue this goal with the difficulty  they may have had previously? If my parent(s) achieved the previous goals easily, discover together what made it easier than the other goals and can we focus on the strengths from the achieved goals  to help my parent(s) achieve their next goals?

How to Achieve and Expand on Goals: If there is more than one goal or there are side goals, a elderly person should never lose sight of their priorities. Keep an eye on your elderly persons goals so you know what needs  doing and when it needs to be done. People who never lose sight of their goals have a greater likelihood of achieving them. If goals seems too big to achieve, consider dividing them in smaller pieces.  Make a to do list so you know when each smaller goal is completed and gradually help them make their way towards the ultimate goal. This is a great way for your elderly loved one to have a fulfilling life and continue to live happily.


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