Local engineer writes book on our water crisis

Mohammed Hasan is the principal engineer and owner of Hasan Consultants, a civil and environmental engineering firm based in Ventura. He holds dual M.S. degrees from the University of Iowa. He’s a licensed professional engineer in California and a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He’s also a leadership fellow of the American Public Works Association and a distinguished life member of the American Water Works Association. He taught water Science at Ventura college.

His new book “Drought Is Not A Four-Letter Word “ expalains that there is a water crisis in California, and with the current drought and the strong possibility of climate change impacting our weather patterns, it’s time to reimagine solutions for solving this crisis. This book offers a brief synopsis of the problem and how humans have contributed greatly to our water shortages. But beyond doomsday thinking, there are technological solutions that can solve the water shortage and help people feel empowered to participate in these solutions. From crisis to action, citizens, engineers, scientists, water managers, planners, policy makers, politicians, everyone can participate by using some of these ideas to solve California’s water shortage problem.

Available at Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com and other retailers.

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