There are stories all around us

stuff CAPSCAPS is working with teacher Suz Montgomery and her class of seniors.

By Elizabeth Rodeno

It’s back to school, whether it be Ventura College, Foothill High School or El Camino High, our neighbors here on Day Road. We invite those students, in fact all Ventura’s students, to come by, sign up to volunteer and learn to make movies.  These skills will help you to create powerful and impactful reports and projects. After all, we live in the world of media, why not integrate it into your class work?  It’s an opportunity for anyone, young or old to share their story.

Our staff spent last Saturday at the Camarillo Airshow. It brought home how valuable these planes are to our history. Even more important were those servicemen and women who contributed to these historical events. Their history and their stories will be gone before we know it and we can’t let that go. That is where the students, and all of us, come into the picture. Why not help tell their stories? Share it with Ventura and beyond and chronical it for their families. There are so many great stories to be told; budding artists, musicians, technicians and those committed to community service. We provide the tools and you provide with subjects and together we honor them.

We have begun working with teacher Suz Montgomery and her class of seniors, generously funded through a grant, to share their stories and train students to record and curate there legacy.  It’s the team work and shared commitment that educators and employers look for.

There are stories all around us. This is why CAPS Media is so important to the community. Our staff only wishes we could cover every event and record every story. Our mission is to teach you to do it, to teach you to film. It’s rewarding for you and rewarding for us.

CAPS Media is the non-profit membership organization that is here to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media. A yearly membership at CAPS is only $25 and includes training, equipment, use of our studio and edit suites. Share our history with over 20,000 Ventura residents on channel 6 and 15. Share it with your teachers, your friends and share it for history. Go to our website, or stop by CAPS Media Center on 65 Day Road and schedule a tour.

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