VenturaWaterPure Ocean Outfall Project

Senior Community Outreach Specialist Jennifer Buckley

Regarding the mention of the WaterPure project in the latest edition of the Breeze I want to share some additional resources and information for your readers.

The parking lot is the location of temporary boat storage which will be in place throughout the upcoming VenturaWaterPure Ocean Outfall Project.

The Ocean Outfall Project is anticipated to start after Labor Day 2023 through summer 2024. The outfall will be constructed through a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) process to limit community impacts. The HDD will push a pipe through a hole starting in Marina Park and emerge approximately 2000- 4000 feet offshore.

The project will support the VenturaWaterPure Program, a purified recycled water project that will recover, treat, and reuse water that is currently discharged into the Santa Clara River Estuary. This project will divert treated water from Ventura’s wastewater treatment facility to a new Advanced Water Purification Facility (AWPF), where the water will be treated to drinking water standards and then injected into a local groundwater basin for storage, and later extracted and delivered to customers.

Residents can learn more and sign up to receive construction updates on the project at

I hope this information is helpful for your readers and be on the lookout for a press release as we get closure to starting the Ocean Outfall construction in the coming weeks.

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