Vol. 15, No. 19 – June 15 – June 28, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 5/24

3:52pm, received dispatch to lower flags to half staff in honor of victims of the mass shooting in Texas until May 28th. Officers lowered flags to half staff.

Wednes 5/25

8:45pm, contacted Tow Boat US about a panga towed from Santa Barbara. Twenty-nine lifejackets onboard, but no one was apprehended in the incident.

Thursday 5/26

10:43pm, received a report of a missing person somewhere in the village. Officers responded, the couple were re-united without issue.

Friday 5/27

9:26pm, while on patrol in the truck, officers observed an American flag hanging unpatriotically on the promenade in the village. Officers were able to repair the flag and restore it to normal patriotic position for Memorial Day.

Saturday 5/28

9:42am, received report of a boat fire near McGrath. Officers responded in Fireboat along with Tow Boat US. The skipper was able to extinguish the electrical fire before responding units arrival. Vessel was towed to CI harbor

510:10pm, received report of fighting and suspicious activity at the Comedy Club in the village. Officers responded with VPD to investigate. After investigation, it was determined to be a rowdy concert, no fighting or illegal activity observed

Sunday 5/29

11:20am, received report of a diving emergency aboard a commercial dive boat at Anacapa Island. The vessel is returning to the harbor, so officers generated a medical call with VFD/AMR responding to Port District longdock to assist the patient who was eventually transported to hospital.

Monday 5/30

3:05pm, received report of catamaran beset by wind up against construction barge near the launch ramp. Officers responded in Fireboat and were able to assist the vessel to the launch ramp after tow. Skipper was unable to lower sail

Wednes 6/01

3:03pm, received request for assistance from Tow Boat US with a sinking vessel inbound. Officers responded in Fireboat with dewatering pump to assist with the boat tow. The vessel was towed to Tow Boat US lift at their dock.

Thursday 6/02

6:56pm, dispatched to a fire at Spinnaker/Angler. Officers responded with VFD to the call. After investigation a small smoldering log was found & extinguished

Friday 6/03

4:54pm, received a report of a dog barking in Portside apartments. Officer advised to call management, police or even speak to the neighbor directly.

Saturday 6/04

10:02am, received a report of a sailboat becalmed near the South Jetty in the surfline. Officers responded in the Fireboat, passed a tow line and safely towed the vessel out so they could continue their voyage south to Oceanside.

1:13pm, observed a large “dragon” peddle boat beset by the wind, unable to make way. Officers took 2 POB’s aboard & towed the boat back to rental dock.

2:07pm, observed “Boat” club member operating in violation of speed and wake ordinance in the main channel. Issued a warning for violation to the skipper.

Sunday 6/05

2:15pm, received multiple reports of a large cabin cruiser anchored at big beach in the keys. Officers responded, contacted the skipper, to his chagrin was made aware of the dangers of anchoring in a swimming area to others and his vessel. He reluctantly weigh-ed anchor and headed to his slip in the harbor.

Monday 6/06

9:30am, officers participating in a harbor maintenance dredge funding ceremony at Harbor Cove with the Fireboat.

Tuesday 6/07

8:36pm, dispatched to chest pain in the Portside apartments. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to a 30 y/o male suffering from paranoia. He was under the influence of meth because he lost his med. Patient transported to hospital.




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