Vol. 13, No. 5 – Dec 4 – Dec 17, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 11-12

2:40pm, monitored a May Day call on VHF 16 from a commercial fishing vessel taking on water in the fishing grounds. Officers responded in Fireboat 1 to assist. The vessel was found 8 miles offshore and mitigated the intrusion.

Friday 11-15

12:15pm, officers in RescueBoat 19 were conducting helicopter training with the U.S. coast guard a few miles off shore of the harbor.

4:45pm, while on patrol, officers contacted a kayaker fisherman in violation of several state and local laws. Warnings were issued and the fisherman decided it best to correct deficiencies and return at a later date to fish.

Saturday 11-16

17:30pm, while on patrol, officers received a request to obtain a “responsible driver permit” for a vehicle left in the Harbor Village parking lot. Officers were able to obtain one and place it on the vehicle. They notified Courtesy Patrol too.

Sunday 11-17

12:36pm, while on patrol in RescueBoat 17, observed the wind switched to West from East and a mother and daughter on a StandUp Paddleboard just off Marina Park were beset by it. The pair were able to exit onto the rip rap after being caught in the wind switch. Officers were able to assist with transporting the SUP board to the Marina Park city dock so they could retrieve it.

Monday 11-18

8:00am, received a report of an injured sea bird near the South Jetty. Officers responded, found the bird but were unable to capture it for rescue personnel.

7:40pm, dispatched to a brush fire near the Olivas Links golf course. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire with locating the fire.

Tuesday 11-19

6:12am, dispatched to an overdose near the Riverhaven encampment off of Harbor Blvd. Officers responded and attempted to locate the patient. After an extensive search, officers were unable to locate the patient.

8:40am, received a report of a disabled commercial lobster fishing vessel outside the harbor. Officers responded in RescueBoat 17, found the vessel and took them en tow back to their slip for repairs.

Wednes 11-20 7:41am, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed that the Santa Clara Rivermouth has breached. The river flow is heavy and affecting the ocean.

Thursday 11-21

12:21pm, received a report of petroleum sheen near VIM C-dock. Officers investigated in RescueBoat 19. After a brief investigation, officers were able to trace the source to a commercial fishing vessel discharging polluted water. The pumping was stopped, and the incident is being investigated.

Friday 11-22

9:23pm, while on patrol in RescueBoat 19, officers observed a fisherman placing hoop nets in an illegal area of the breakwall. The hoop nets were removed and the individual issued warnings for the violation.

Sunday 11-24

9:31am, received a dispatch to an ocean rescue at the Santa Clara Rivermouth. Officers responded in RescueBoat 19 with multiple agencies. After a brief search, the patient was found unresponsive in the estuary by land units.

10:40am, received reports of an adrift skiff near the Mandalay power plant. Officers responded in Fireboat 1, found the skiff and towed it to the harbor. Unfortunately, the vessel belonged to the deceased person found in the estuary.

The incident is under investigation.

9:38pm, dispatched to a traffic collision at 1300 block of Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded with multiple units to the accident. The patient’s vehicle collided with median and rolled over blocking traffic. The patient suffered moderate injuries and was transported to local hospital for further evaluation.

Monday 11-25

4:00am, officers opening beach lot gates, overflow lot for film production company that will be filming today throughout the harbor.

12:10pm, dispatched to a medical, fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted AMR with the patient.


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