Vol. 12, No. 26 – Sept 25 – Oct 8, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

3:14am, monitored mayday call for a boat fire from the dive vessel Conception on VHF 16 to the U.S. coast guard. Officers prepared the fireboat and responded with multiple agencies. The incident is under investigation.

5:51pm, while on foot patrol, officers were contacted by a transient claiming he was assaulted. After an investigation it was determined the individual was the disturbing party and was removed from the harbor by VPD for trespassing.

2:55am, received a report of a transient disturbing a female sitting outside the Holiday Inn express. Officers responded and searched but were UTL.

7:50am, received a report of a transient disturbing people and fitting the description of the earlier person of interest. Officers found the individual and issued warnings for his various violations. He moved along. Later in the day Ventura PD was looking for the same individual performing same stunts.

11:40am, officers contacting several kayakers and Standup Paddle Boarders and issuing warnings for insufficient safety equipment. Also with educational warnings, issuing loaner lifejackets. Every person aboard a vessel needs a PFD
5:06pm, received a report of a stingray strike at Harbor Cove. Officers responded and assisted State Parks with the patient.

5:40pm, received a report of a male fainting in the parking lot near Island Packers building. Officers attempting to assist the patient, but he refused any medical attention.

10:45pm, while on patrol, officers observed/contacted three vehicles parked in the district lot for illegal camping. The three individuals were issued warnings and their vehicles removed from the parking lot.
8:31pm, dispatched to a traffic collision at 1510 Anchors Way dr. Officers responded and assisted a female who reported suffering a reaction to medication and was involved in an accident with several vehicles.

1:57pm, received a dispatch to a fall victim at 1583 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and assisted an elderly male with a head injury. The patient was transported to local hospital for further evaluation by AMR medics.

3:05pm, observing the US coast guard buoy tender “George Cobb” conducting routine maintenance of navigation buoy #4 outside the harbor entrance.

2:56pm, while on patrol in H-1, dispatched to a traumatic injury near Riverhaven encampment. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a transient male who sustained a major head injury, but unable to remember how it happened. The patient was transported to Harbor Blvd by fellow transients in a makeshift gurney, treated there then transported by AMR to hospital.

7:25pm, dispatched to a person not breathing at VWM. Officers responded with VFD/AMR and found the patient deceased. VPD took over the incident.

7:15pm, observing a full moon rising.

7:40pm, while on patrol outside the harbor in Boat 17, officers engaged a drone flying from Harbor Cove, had to take evasive action to avoid a collision. The drone disappeared and officers were unable to locate the operator. It is illegal to operate drones in and around the harbor without a permit.

6:30am, monitored radio traffic of an abandoned panga aground at Deer Creek beach near the Ventura County Line.

8:45am, dispatched to a sick 90-year-old female in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with patient complaining of right foot pain from gout. Patient self-transported to hospital.

1:15pm, received a dispatch to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina community. Officers responded, assisted VFD/AMR; the patient suffered major injuries.

5:20pm, officers assisted State Parks in detaining a large vessel reported operating in violation of speeding near swimmers and no registration aboard.


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