Vol. 9, No. 15 – April 27 – May 10, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

3-28 9:14am, received a dispatch to a sick person in the marina mobile home park.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire and AMR with a 86 year old female.  She was treated and transported to local hospital for evaluation.

4:05pm, officers observed winds gusting to 52 kts in the harbor.  

3-31 6:38pm, received a report of a boating accident at Ventura West Marina.  Officers responded and assisted a 38ft sailboat that collided with and slid up and onto a dock.  After no damage was found, officers used the sailboats winches to pull the vessel off the dock.     
4-2 1:05pm, received a dispatch to a hazardous condition at the Arundel Barranca.  Officers responded and observed an unknown brown substance in the Barranca.  The EPA was contacted and advised of the situation.  
4-4 4:23pm, received a report of a fishing boat that hauled up a decomposing body in their fishing net.  The U.S. coast guard, Cal fish and game, VC sheriff, Medical examiner/Coroner and undertaker all responded and assisted with the removal and transportation of the body.  Harbor patrol escorted the fishing vessel 3 miles out to dump their possibly contaminated catch.   












6:45am, received a dispatch to a fire just South of Spinnaker Drive.  Officers responded and found a transient camp warming fire.  No one was around and the fire was extinguished without incident.

6:23pm, received a report of a sailboat taking on water in the keys.  Officers responded and dewatered the small sailboat.

12:10pm, received a dispatch to a male with numerous ailments on his sailboat.  Officers responded and assisted the patient along with Ventura Fire and AMR.  Ultimately the patient refused treatment and was released.        

           4-10 10:45pm, received traffic on VHF 16.  Officers responded in the fireboat and found the fishing vessel “Washington” partially submerged near the tip of the South jetty.  Ventura fire, U.S. coast guard, Vessel Assist, NRC and Harbor Patrol responded and assisted 3 fishermen and boomed the vessel.     


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