Museum of Ventura County completes grant project

Plan and Profile of Hobson Heights No. 5, City of Ventura

The Museum of Ventura County announces the successful completion of a grant project dedicated to cataloging and digitizing the Martin & Associates Civil Engineering Collection. With assistance from a $95,000 grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, a part of the National Archives, the Museum has cataloged 413 cubic feet of materials, including maps, drawings, and other valuable documents. The project also resulted in the digitization of 1,000 pages of maps and drawings, making them easily accessible to the public. This collection is now accessible on the Online Archive of California. For more information and to explore the digitized materials from the collection, please visit the Museum’s website at

“This reflects our dedication to preserving and promoting local history. By making these materials freely accessible through various online platforms, we can facilitate research, inspire curiosity, and provide valuable resources to the community,” said the Museum of Ventura County’s Research Library and Archives Director, Deya Terrafranca.

The Martin & Associates Civil Engineering Collection is a significant addition to the Museum of Ventura County’s collection of artifacts, documents, and ephemera representing the cultural and historical heritage of the Ventura County region. The collection includes records created by six civil engineers and their staff over nearly a century. These include well-known names like T. William “Bill” Hale and Ed Campbell. Bill Hale purchased the firm from Robert Martin in 1991.

After his passing, his widow sold the company to Ventura resident Ed Campbell, who

renamed the firm U.S.A. Architects. In 2013, Mr. Campbell donated the firm’s records to the Museum. TThis effort ensures historical materials are easily accessible to a wide audience, including students, educators, and researchers worldwide.

In addition to the completion of cataloging and digitizing, the Museum staff engaged with the local community by providing valuable educational opportunities as part of its commitment to preserving and promoting cultural heritage. In May, the Museum organized a Collections Care Workshop specifically tailored for county cultural organizations in which participants from twelve organizations, including museums, libraries and cities were given insights on best practices for preserving historical materials, ensuring the long-term preservation of their own collections. Museum staff will also be offering a training for staff of the Ventura County Library system, instructing librarians in navigating the historical resources available at the Museum.

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