Visit Ventura welcomes Julie Madsen!

Think ambassador to a very special town.

Since Visit Ventura doesn’t do soulless press releases, we will tell you that Julie Madsen is caring, smart, talented, dynamic, and yes, a University of California, Berkeley graduate with an honors degree in Media Studies. She is also a Ventura native, making her perfect for Visit Ventura’s Communications and Publication Relations Coordinator position.

“We don’t hire our employees based entirely on resumes, because no resume completely encompasses the traits that make everyone on the Visit Ventura team unique,” says Marlyss Auster, Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau President & CEO. “If anything you could say our overwhelming requirement is that you carry Ventura in your heart, and then have the skills to convey that love. Julie has those special attributes and the skills to match. And we look forward to discovering more of her special qualities as her career here unfolds.”

Visit Ventura’s Communications and Publication Relations Coordinator has a wide range of job responsibilities (other than carrying Ventura in their heart). Communicating means writing blogs, press releases, newsletters, and website text. It also means organizing visits for journalists and influencers and working closely (and warmheartedly) with them; all with the intent of shedding a positive tourism light on Ventura. The Communications and Publication Relations Coordinator also works closely – and with a wide smile – with everyone from Ventura businesses to global tourism organizations like Visit California.

“I am honored and grateful to join the Visit Ventura team. I’ve been welcomed with open arms and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to land,” says Madsen, who grew up in Ventura, attending Elmhurst Elementary, Anacapa Middle School and Buena High School. “I’m excited to jump into this role and have the opportunity to share with others why Ventura and its people are so special and unique.”

Anyone who wishes to give Julie a warm Ventura welcome (you don’t have to be from Ventura to understand the happy power of a warm welcome) can reach Julie at; 805-641-1400.

And so Visit Ventura continues on the mission it always follows. To do the next right thing for the town they love.

“Julie is perfect for Visit Ventura and Ventura, because the two are one and the same,” says Visit Ventura Director of Marketing Mike Laan. “We’re so very happy she’s here. Because all we want is Ventura to be the best it can be. And now our Visit Ventura team will continue to do everything they can do to help make that so.”

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