A Family Affair with Cheap Trick

This family enjoyed Cheap Trick at the Fair.

by Amy Brown

Cheap Trick burst onto the music scene nearly 50 years ago, became icons in the subsequent decades, and took their rightful place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. When the band rocked the Ventura County Fair stage, they did so with their characteristic genre-transcending flair, along with some next generation talent. Many of their fans also felt that music should be a family affair, and were there with their children to see the band that had been so influential in their own youth.

25-year-old Jason Kell and his mom Margie Foot were right at the front of the stage for the show. “I’m really grateful that I was raised listening to this music, and was introduced to these concerts at a young age, and then continued the tradition as I’ve grown up,” Kell said. “It’s really nice to have that experience with my mom.” The two have shared their love of live rock shows over the years, from AC/DC to Van Halen, as well as seeing their first Cheap Trick concert together when Jason was only 13. “It’s so great to share this as a family, and to see an amazing band like this together again,” she said. Kell shared that if he becomes a parent he definitely intends to continue this legacy of introducing kids to great music early on.

Bre Magdalik and her mother Sue Fooshee have a similar tradition of attending major concerts together and are diehard Cheap Trick fans. “They’ve had a significant impact on me and I think their contribution to American music has been substantial. Their lyrics, energy, and musicianship always bring so much joy,” said Magdalik.” The first time I saw them live my uncle was working for them. I knew it was going to be a great show but when they hit the stage I was completely blown away by their energy and how much fun it seemed they were having. I vowed then that I’d keep seeing them perform as long as they wanted to keep playing!”

They both shared that they were glad to see that Cheap Trick’s children are involved in their music. “We have musicians in our family too and it’s definitely a family affair! It’s something special to share with your loved ones, so it’s very cool to see families rocking out together,” said Fooshee, who has always had eclectic musical taste, and helped foster that same appreciation in her daughter as she grew up.

Migan Locascio said she was most excited to see Robin Zander play again, and was at the show with her 17-year-old son Ryan, who had never seen Cheap Trick before. “We go to all of the greatest concerts, he’s my best concert date,” she said. She introduced Ryan to 80s rock bands when he was growing up. “It’s so great to go listen to cool music with my mom,” said Ryan, who will be attending Pepperdine in the fall, and has developed his own wide range of musical genres along the way.

Sometimes kids discover music on the radio that their parents grew up with, and then get to rediscover it together. “I was listening to a band and after a while, I was like ‘I like that one song’ and didn’t realize it was Cheap Trick at first,” said 17-year-old Heidi Shoemaker, at the concert with family and friends, including her mom Josefina, who first saw the band in 1979. “Now I love Cheap Trick, I grew up with them. It’s cool seeing them and other bands with my parents.”

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