Vol. 15, No. 23 – Aug 10 – Aug 23, 2022 – Opinion/Editorial

∙ The nomination period for submitting candidacy documents for the City Council seats in Districts 1, 4, 5, and 6 is now open through August 12.

There is only one seat per district. Candidacy documents must be filed with the City Clerk’s Office during office hours. For more information please contact them at (805) 658-4787 or cityclerk@cityofventura.ca.gov.

∙The U.S. Postal Service has commemorated a piece of the Ventura Channel Islands on a new stamp. The image of California sea lions crowded onto a sandy beach was taken on San Miguel, one of five islands surrounded by the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary and home to one of the largest pinniped rookeries in the world. This might inspire you to visit the islands, which is one of our great treasures.

∙Four months after the closing of the arcade containing the carousel in Ventura Harbor Village it will be returning to Ventura with a new owner at the Pacific View Mall.

It is scheduled to open in mid-August near the food court upstairs.

The Village Carousel & Arcade officially closed on April 10 to make way for Aarmark Beer Gardens, Inc. – an entertainment and food venue, which is far from being open at this time.

∙Energy giant BP has reported its biggest quarterly profit in 14 years after oil and gas prices soared. The energy giant saw underlying profits hit $8.45 billion between April and June – more than triple the amount it made in the same period last year.

And Exxon Mobil booked an unprecedented $17.85 billion profit for the second quarter and Chevron reported a record $11.62 billion. We need to stop blaming politicians and blame greed.

What will probably happen is gas will decrease to $5.00 per gallon one day and we will all be thrilled to be only be paying that amount.

∙A federal judge has sentenced Guy Reffitt, the Texas man convicted of bringing a handgun to the Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack, to 87 months in prison. That is the longest sentence so far related to the 2021 assault.

A member of the far-right militia group the Texas Three Percenters, Reffitt was the first defendant to stand trial on charges stemming from the attack. He was found guilty in March of five criminal counts, including obstructing Congress’ certification of President Biden’s Electoral College win. The 7.25-year sentence was far shorter than the 15 years sought by prosecutors.

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