Vol. 15, No. 10 – Feb 9 – Feb 22, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Sunday 01/16

8:00am, officers on patrol in Fireboat, assessing damage from the tsunami through out the harbor, many docks damaged or destroyed. Navigation, swim area buoys retrieved, towed to the Basin until they can be put back on station.

5:30pm, receiving multiple inquires about the launch ramp closure. Advising that multiple destroyed and damaged docks were secured to the ramp docks.

Tuesday 01/18

11:50am, received report of an unknown object ½ mile from shore near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Fireboat and found a dock float, presumably from the tsunami event. The flotsam was towed to the L/R.

Friday 01/21

1:35pm, dispatched to domestic abuse call in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and staged until VPD cleared scene. No medical component.

11:55pm, dispatched to a fall victim in Portside complex. Officers responded and assisted the patient to his feet & then his bed. No medical, refused treatment

Saturday 01/22

8:37pm, received report from the skipper of a 21ft aluminum vessel capsized outside the breakwall while hoop netting. The skipper advised that he swam back to marina park, then to our office, he was unable to call mayday because radio and phone were in the water. Officers responded, found the vessel as reported. TowBoat US took over the salvage operation. No injuries occurred.

Sunday 01/23

10:15am, received request for a tow from the skipper of a disabled electric boat near the Launch ramp. Officers responded, towed vessel to its slip in the keys.

10:22pm, received report of juveniles drinking in the VWM parking lot. Officers responded and removed the group from the lot.

Monday 01/24

3:58pm, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue at the Ventura Pier, surfer in distress. Officers responded in Fireboat and on the Rescue watercraft (PWC) to assist State Parks, AMR & Ventura Fire. A surfer used his smart watch to call 911.

Tuesday 01/25

9:32am, received report of stolen gasoline from National Park Service vehicles. A siphon was found in one of the vehicles tanks. Incident is under investigation.

Thursday 01/27

7:50am, received request to assist sea bird rescue volunteer capture an injured pelican. While en route, officers found an injured seabird. The two birds were successfully captured and taken to Port District for the volunteer to retrieve.

5:30pm, received report of a commercial lobster trap in the entrance. Officers found the Hazard to Navigation and towed it back to the others off the breakwall

Friday 01/28

8:42am, dispatched to a vessel sinking in the keys. Officers responded in the Fireboat to 2700 Sailor to a small center console. The vessel was not sinking.

Saturday 01/29

10:25am, officers resecuring the rescue boathouse on the patrol dock and returning/repairing equipment damaged during the Tonga tsunami.

Sunday 01/30

1:55pm, received a mayday call on VHF 16 from a motor vessel unsure of his position. Officers responded in the Fireboat and tried to ascertain the vessels position. While searching around the breakwall, the skipper of the vessel advised he corrected the power outage and was no longer in need of assistance.

Monday 01/31

10:40pm, received report of disabled 20ft motor vessel in the entrance. Officers responded in Fireboat, towed the disabled vessel to the launch ramp.

Tuesday 02/01

6:21pm, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient who sustained arm and finger injuries. Patient was treated and then transported to local hospital.


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