The Art & Science of Drawing

Introducing The Art & Science of Drawing: Learn to Observe, Analyze, and Draw Any Subject by Brent Eviston, a new guidebook that will teach you the fundamentals of good drawing.

Based on his more than twenty years of teaching, The Art & Science of Drawing shares author and drawing instructor Brent Eviston’s secrets that provide the most accessible, streamlined, and effective methods for learning to draw.

“It begins with the most basic skills like how to hold the pencil and how to draw basic shapes before moving on to more complex subjects like three-dimensional drawing, contour drawing, measuring, and shading,” Eviston said. “By working through this book, you will learn the skills and processes necessary for good drawing.”

The Art & Science of Drawing is a project-based book, meaning each chapter contains a series of lessons and each lesson ends with a project.

Designed for the absolute beginner as well as more experienced artists looking to improve their skills and master the fundamentals, The Art & Science of Drawing will serve as a foundation upon which you can build new skills to suit your creative ambitions.

“Every day I work with people who learn to draw. These are ordinary people without special skills or advantages,” he said.  “With good instruction and dedicated practice, you can, and will, learn to draw.”

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