Ventura’s Sister City of Loreto Baja Sur, Mexico

Venturan’s spend 4 days in sister city.

A delegation from Ventura that consisted of Carl Morehouse, Chair of the Ventura Sister City Association, his wife, Janna Minsk, Father Tom Elewaut from the Mission Basilica San Buenaventura and his sister, Rosemary, Ventura Councilmember Mike Johnson and his wife, Aimee Brecht-Doscher, and Mission parishioners Barbara and Chris Post recently returned from 4 days in Ventura’s Sister City of Loreto Baja Sur, Mexico, where they met up with peers from Loreto’s other sister city, Hermosa Beach. The Breeze managed to travel along!
The rumor that there might be a Loreto Breeze is unfounded.

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