Tree Town

Celebrate “Oaktober”!

On October 28, ten new oak trees will be planted along the bike path at the Ventura Community Park to shade five benches. This is the beginning of a project to add an oak grove of 50 trees to the west side of the park. There will be a fun volunteer opportunity to come help with planting and mulching, after the city crew digs the holes and places the trees.

Our fundraising goal is $10,000 to purchase the trees and have them delivered to the park. We would appreciate the community’s support to help beautify the park, and provide much-needed shade to this area.

We have other good news! The Ventura Tree Alliance has provided information and training to individuals who are interested in Ventura Water’s recycled water program, so they can help water the city’s drought-challenged young trees.

Please celebrate “Oaktober” with us by donating or volunteering, as we add to Ventura’s tree canopy!

Please visit to volunteer or donate!

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