Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast Introduces “Infant at Work” Program

Bring a kid to work.

Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast launched an “Infant at Work” program today allowing parents to bring their infant to work for up to six months. “I believe it is imperative that we do our best to support newborn parents and guardians,” says CEO, Tammie Helmuth. An infant’s first few months are crucial to their development. It is during this time that the infant and their parent form a lifelong bond and a trusting, healthy relationship.

Through this new program, employees who are new mothers, fathers, or legal guardians will be allowed to bring their infant to work for up to six months. This, in turn, promotes a healthy work/life balance and honors the contribution that the employee makes to the council. “This program shows that the council’s practices are what we encourage in our communities; supporting parent and infant bonding, parental well-being, healthy infant development, and breastfeeding,” said Helmuth.

Parents will have the opportunity to respond to their infant’s needs instantly, which will boost their cognitive development. Bonding is a process on its own, it is not something that occurs overnight, it must be nurtured and built up as time goes on. The “Infant at Work” program supports all facets of infant development. This program is invaluable for both parents and infants alike. Helmuth states: “as a female leadership organization, this program undoubtedly aligns with our mission as we know, and support, the value of parent and infant bonding during the earliest stages of life.” It goes without question that Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast is delighted to introduce the new “Infant at Work” program to their workplace.

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