40,000 pounds of donated food arrives in Ventura

The food will go to families struggling with food needs from Ventura County.

Last week, a truck carrying over 40,000 pounds of food – from cases of canned salsa, peaches, peanut butter, and more – arrived at Project Understanding in Ventura to help with the organization’s efforts to feed hundreds of families in Ventura County over the next few months.

This donation was organized from the Ventura Stake (congregation) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to assist with the needs of those in Ventura County. One of four large food deliveries to Southern California this week, this donation is a small part of the efforts of the congregations who contribute to a Humanitarian fund that helps with crucial needs around the world such as providing shelter and supplies to victims of the Haiti earthquake, assisting Afghan refugees with shelter, food, and supplies and, like this week’s project, supporting local needs such as food inequality through organizations such as Project Understanding.

The food will go to families struggling with food needs from Ventura County. Project Understand has helped families with food insecurity with their food pantry since 1977, and many may not be aware they also help with many other community programs such as their Homeless to Home program and the successful Tutoring program with centers around the county. They are always open to having volunteers help at the food pantry as well and will be having a golf tournament on November 8th to raise funds for their crucial programs. ProjectUGolf.givesmart.com

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