Vol. 14, No. 24 – Aug 25 – Sept 7, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


11:15am, received a request to check the well being of a dog in a locked vehicle in the village. Officers responded and were able to ensure the dog was safe.

12:01pm, received report of a panga aground near oil piers from US coast guard.


2:33pm, dispatched to an unconscious person at 1559 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to the call. Patient was assessed then transported.

5:20pm, dispatched to a fall victim at Ventura Isle Marina promenade, a 94 y/o female. Patient was assisted and refused any further treatment.

5:35pm, dispatched to person not breathing in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded, found a patient long deceased, no resuscitation possible.


3:40pm, received report of 4 swimmers stranded on the detached breakwall. Officers responded with State Parks and safely returned the group to shore.


1:25pm, observed two PWC’s inbound at a high rate of speed. Officers contacted the operators, and one had a medical emergency. The pair were escorted to the launch ramp and the patient refused treatment, self-transported.

5:50pm, received report of suspicious person parked in a vehicle near 1691 Spinnaker Dr. wearing a masquerade mask and acting strangely. Officers responded and were able to remove the individual from the parking lot.


6:06pm, received report of a StandUp paddle board aground near Seaward Ave with no one around. Officers responded in Fireboat and after brief investigation the operator of the vessel had ditched the board earlier and was rescued.

10:31pm, received request for escort to the harbor due to thick fog from a motor vessel 5 miles offshore. Officers responded, found the vessel and using radar were able to safely guide the lost craft back to the harbor in dense fog.


11:23pm, while on patrol in vehicle, officers observed a large group of skunks crossing the street near the Ventura Boat Yard into the settling ponds. Provided traffic control for the group to safely cross Spinnaker drive.


11:59pm, monitored VPD responding to report of shots fired near the Launch ramp. Officers advised of fireworks ignited at Marina Park. VPD confirmed that no shots were fired as reported and that fireworks were mistaken for gunfire.


10:03pm, contacted about an intoxicated transient in his vehicle attempting to drive. Officers made contact and after several attempts were able to convince him otherwise. His keys were taken and he was advised they would be returned.


8:50am, officers heading to the pier in the Fireboat to monitor the State Parks Junior Lifeguard swim around the pier.

1:36pm, returned the keys that were impounded from the intoxicated male transient who was attempting to drive while under the influence. He was upset.


11:45am, received several reports of a sick/injured sea lion near Portside C-dock officers responded, and observed a sea lion “thermo-regulating” on the dock. No injuries or sickness observed, just a sealion sunbathing.


11:20am, received report of a sting ray strike at Harbor Cove from State Parks lifeguards, they are requesting hot water to treat the puncture wound. Officers responded in truck with hot water to treat the wound. Patient self-transported.


5:18am, received a report of a disabled 16ft skiff near the breakwall. Officers responded in Rescue B-19 and towed the vessel safely back to the launch ramp.

3:40pm, dispatched to an unknown medical in the parking lot at 1559 Spinnaker. Officers responded and found the patient in a vehicle slumped over the steering wheel. The patient was just sleeping.


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