Vol. 14, No. 22 – July 28 – Aug 10, 2021 – Mailbox

The Ocean Hears

View the Dawn; it overlooks a sunrise,
A visible song; is nature’s voice.

Our tide hastens a full moon,
A Pacific sign; tomorrow’s fog is near.

Seagulls build their home on a pier,
The silent hint; they soar beneath.

Sunset longs to give a Ventura morning,
And Grant the Dawn to chorus the day.

Can anyone silence the ocean?

By Jeff Russell

I attended the meeting July 10, 2021 at Mission Plaza Park with Kevin Clerici. 

Here is my take on the plans, first the issue, then my solution:

1.  Straighten the sidewalk for better access to the Museum.  The current sidewalk has an area between the planters for the 2 westernmost Coral Trees that is diverted toward the park (away from Main Street) and then back again.  In the diversion area are agapanthus plants and sod.

The sidewalk could be made straight very simply by paving over some of the agapanthus and sod.

2.  Need for extra parking along Main Street.  There is currently a grassy section that continues from the aforementioned diversion to Main Street.

Remove the sod.  Build a curb at the sidewalk edge, put in parking places where the grassy area is currently.

3.  The 3 existing planters for the healthy Coral Trees and the perfect “rolling hill” from the sidewalk down into the park should be left intact.  Every person with a young child will attest to the perfection of the “rolling hill.” Also it is an attraction and it adds to the interest of an otherwise relatively flat park.

4.  The easternmost planter is holding the stump of a Coral Tree.  It sits about 4 feet above the ground level of the park.  An inviting entrance to the park from the Mission is needed.

If the easternmost planter and the 4 palm trees and a few other bushes were removed, it would be a relatively simple matter to level that area, ending at the planter of the easternmost living Coral Tree.  This would greatly expand the level area in front of the Mission and have the feel of a small town square.

5.  If you want to encourage use of the park, plant at least a couple more shade trees in the park.  The few areas with shade around the park are in constant use.  The huge fig tree is a wonder, but very uncomfortable to sit beneath.  There is currently very little shade in the park.

6.  We must think long term.  There are Coral Trees in Santa Barbara that are almost 300 years old.  These 3 Coral Trees on Main Street are not even close to the end of their natural lives.  The key issue here is maintenance.  The planters must be maintained.  The trimming and watering issues are maintenance issues.

7. Homeless people should not be an issue.  Homeless people are everywhere and this issue should be addressed at the root of the problem (our federal tax structure and government spending.)  The Ventura Partners are doing a good job with the homeless and the restrooms.

I believe everyone in attendance on Saturday agreed with most of these ideas.  In  fact it was unanimous that the existing Coral Trees remain intact.  We all agree it would be a travesty to remove these beautiful trees.


Mary Volpe


It is difficult to keep quiet if you have nothing to say.
~ Malcolm Margolin

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