Cuban Exiles/Cuban Americans meet in Ventura to protest economic conditions in Cuba

They met at the Ventura Comedy Club.

by Richard Lieberman

In 1959 the Cuban revolution declared victory against the government of Juan Bautista and, according to a group of Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans things on the island nation have gotten worse with time leaving millions in severe poverty, availability of common goods and necessities are non-existent. Medical supplies and even basic household items are simply not available.

The above and a myriad of additional problems impacting the lives of Cubans today brought together a group of Cuban Americans and Cuban exiles to Ventura to march and express their concerns for their relatives still in Cuba and for all the Cubans suffering through an oppressive regime.

Henry Cesedes, is a Cuban exile who reached the United States in 1956 to attend school in Ohio and later transferred to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Cesedes returned to Cuba in 1959 because his family owned a dairy business and needed help. “The changes and the complications of the new regime led to confiscation of all property, and I decided to come back” he said. “I came back in December of 1959 and could not bring back anything with me just the clothes on my back he added.”

The group was here to bring attention to the current street demonstrations that have occurred in the past several weeks in Cuba. “The substance of the demonstration is nothing new, lack of food, lack of freedom, confiscation of all property, the schools everything it became a totalitarian government,” said Cesedes.

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