Adopt a bright and caring and personable teenage boy from Kidsave Summer Miracles Program

Weston is a smart and caring 14-year-old foster child from Columbia.

by Carol Leish

Sueanne Chadbourne is a lawyer who does personal injury, governmental defense and social services work. Her husband, Stephen, does operations/distributions for a medical device company. William (Weston) is staying with their family here in Ventura. They also have their own 16-year-old son.

Sueanne said, “Recently my family welcomed a smart and caring 14-year-old foster child from Columbia. Weston, who doesn’t have a family of his own, will be with us in our home for five weeks. As an older kid, his chances of finding an adoptive family in Columbia are slim to none. We are hoping that this visit with us will give him the opportunity to meet parents who will love and care for him. He is staying with us and he is hoping to meet prospective parents here who will nurture and support him. He traveled here with Kidsave, a nonprofit organization that helps older kids who need families find their forever homes.”

“Kidsave’s Summer Miracles Programs gives older orphans from oversees the chance for a family.” Their website:, also says, “Kids travel to the United States for a memorable 5 week stay. While the kids are here, they learn about the U.S. culture, attend summer camp, and experience life with an American family.”

“With your support, our innovative programs both here and abroad give older kids in foster care a voice and a choice in who they get to know and who will ultimately become their forever family. And, with an estimated 8 million children living in institutional care worldwide, and more than 440,000 in foster care here in the U.S., the need has never been greater.”

Sueanne Chadbourne emphasized that, “Weston has a great temperament. He is looking for a new start. He is great with little kids and great with pets, too. He is sweet and well-behaved. He is definitely mature for his age of only being 14 years old.”

“He is polite, loving, and and a funny young man that loves being outside. He is a great bike rider and loves soccer and basketball. He hopes to become a lawyer when he grows up. He has so much to offer and is a joy to be around. He’s a special kid who deserves to be in a loving family that can support his every step of life.”

Those interested in giving Weston a chance to grow in a supportive home, please contact either, Lauren Reicher Gordon (Sr. VP and Director Family Visit Program), at (310) 642-7201; or, Madeline Thrachtenberg (Summer Miracles Assistant Program Manager), at (310) 241-3083. Or email either of them at: By becoming an adoptive family, you will be giving Weston the chance to thrive in a loving and supportive home.

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