The Bookmark About Libraries and Friends

by Jill Forman

Bookstore and Book Sale News!

The Ventura Friends of the Library is very excited to announce that all our venues will be back within a month.

Foster Library

Our Ventura Friends of the Library bookstore will be reopening on July 1st.  The bookstore is moving to the front left corner of the library’s first floor (former magazine area). We will start out with partition walls and eventually have a more permanent structure. This will triple the size of the store so more books will be available for purchase. VFOL office will be moving into the old bookstore room.

A plus to the move is it should be cooler than the former bookstore. There are many details to be planned and put into place before the opening.

As always, the store will be staffed by volunteers. Some of our folks have left for other activities. If you would like to help out, contact Sandy at

Online Bookstore

Our online website store will continue but the curbside pickup will be changing as of July 1. Tuesday’s online orders will be picked up at the Foster Library VFOL bookstore. Saturday’s orders pickup we would like to continue at Hill Road Library but inside where our book Nook is.

We am looking for a volunteer who would like to be at Hill Road on Saturdays from 10-12pm with the paid purchases. Contact Sandy at email in previous paragraph.

Hill Road Library Used Book Shelves

We will have access to the “Nook” area in mid-June. It will take us a while to stock and organize the area but will definitely be back in business by July 1. These will be gently-used books in many categories with many children’s and young adult titles, priced from 50 cents up to about $2-$3. They will be paid for by the honor system.

Save the Date(s) for Open-Air Book Sale

July 31and August 1, there will be a book sale at the Dudley House (on the corner of Loma Vista and Ashwood.) It will be a “Category Sale” with all genres organized by type. We are happy to co-ordinate this sale with the Dudley House’s monthly plant sale on Saturday and their house tours on Sunday. A lovely setting, plants and books and one of Ventura’s historical treasures. What a treat!

Warehouse and Donations

Many of our bookstore volunteers have been helping out at the warehouse, keeping it at four volunteers per day per pandemic protocol. As a result, the warehouse has been up and working five days a week. With those folks returning to the store, and the COVID restrictions easing, we will be changing the warehouse day to Fridays only.

Donations can be brought to the warehouse Friday 9 a.m. – 11 am. The donation boxes will be back at the libraries but please limit those to small donations. If you need to make special arrangements, you can email us at



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