Ventura Townehouse holds grand opening of “The Pier”

Townehouse residents enjoying their new outdoor dining. Photos by Richard Lieberman

by: Richard Lieberman

Nancee Borgnine and Harvey Marasigan, both Director of Sales for Ventura Townehouse announced the opening of “The Pier” an outdoor dining patio within the Townehouse facility.

“We have a large and beautiful property and during a pandemic we decided to expand and do something outside. Management thought it was a great idea so we smashed everything in the exterior of the main building and built a gazebo that is now called “The Pier” so that our residents can still enjoy themselves and be outside and feel comfortable and secure and their families can come and visit them as well,” said Borgnine, daughter of well-known movie and television star Ernest Borgnine.

“It was perfect timing and moving forward we thought our people would enjoy being outdoors, and this small area within the confines of our property was barely used and we thought that would be a perfect spot for something like this,” Marasigan said. “We pitched the idea to the owner Jay Issacs, and he thought it was a brilliant idea and residents were really excited by the idea and so here we are.”

The Pier offers residents an outdoor venue to dine, socialize, relax and visit with family and friends in an outdoor setting. “Our residents can enjoy three meals a day out there, and we are going to do some special things during the holiday season Father’s Day, Fourth of July and others, added Borgnine.

The site is situated on 12.5 acres so there is plenty of room to expand and create additional outside areas their residents can enjoy.

“We tell people that if you move into a community like this to live, to live your life, there are a lot of benefits to living here just like this,” Marasigan added. Typically assisted living homes like this offer to their residents the ability to socialize and be around others without having to worry about boredom. The facility has much to offer and there is always something to do. For residents “its like living on a cruise ship that never leaves the dock,” added Borgnine.

Residents are offered a multitude of amenities and living programs that are noteworthy. Residents have access to all types of daily activities.

The facility is redesigning interiors from the top floor down and will undergo a complete make over from floor to floor.

The Townehouse offers seniors independent adult living facilities, customized memory care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and respite care.

Ventura Townehouse 4900 Telegraph Rd., Ventura 805-919-8312

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