The City Center achieving 100% success rate

The City Center has been in operation for the last seven years. 

Since 2014, local Ventura organization The City Center has developed a residential program working with the homeless population – achieving 100% success rate.

Finding a way to ensure homeless families in need are given a chance to have success in life is a challenging task. The City Center however, has a 100 percent success rate at helping graduates rebuild their lives. Since 2014, 253 people have graduated from its program debt free with full-time employment and reliable transportation, representing 78 families who will never return to homelessness.

Led by Executive Director, Jim Duran, The City Center has worked to lift people out of homelessness or defeat with the help of its onsite staff, case managers, therapists, and mentors.

“It’s giving a hand up, rather than a handout,” said Duran. “Each family receives the help and guidance they need to find and hold jobs, leave all government support behind, and learn to care for themselves and their children.”

Though housing is temporary, The City Center allows their residents to stay in the program for one to two years. Graduates of The City Center leave with a savings account and no longer need government assistance. Additionally, 30% of residents leave with college degrees, trade school degrees and/or certificates of completion in their field.

“We work with our residents over many months with a variety of methods to get them back on their feet,” said Duran.  “We want them to be empowered to become independent, but we always do it through guidance and love, that’s the secret to our success.”

The City Center has been in operation for the last seven years. In order to continue this support and structure for their residents, they are working to purchase their property, which is a converted motel, located at 837 E. Thompson Blvd. This next step will assist them in moving their success ratio and programs forward into more converted motels in more cities in Ventura County.

To learn more about The City Center and information on ways to support them, please visit


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