The Homeless Coronavirus Outreach

Eric Moseley, Erica Moseley and George Alger on Our Ventura TV.

Homelessness has been a problem in Ventura County for many years before the pandemic. But the coronavirus has exacerbated the matter. One of the challenges for those attempting to aid the homeless — or even for those who are trying to better understand it — is the fact that not all homeless are trying to get back into society and others are hidden from view, since they may be couch surfing with friends and family or accommodating hosts and/or living out of their vehicles.

Father and daughter team, Eric and Erica Moseley, are advocates for the homeless. They each have experienced homelessness themselves.

To provide greater insight into the issue, they produced a documentary, titled: The Homeless Coronavirus Outreach.

Recently they spoke with Our Ventura TV host and producer, George Alger, about their documentary and they also discussed three classes of homelessness, which can aid an individual attempting to understand or communicate with the homeless.

Our Ventura TV is an award-winning weekly talk show television series broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 TV and also published on as well as on social media networks.

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