Island Packers Cruises now offering trips to Scorpion Anchorage

Scorpion offers a beautiful backdrop for picnics, hiking or camping.

Island Packer Cruises, established in 1968, has recently begun to operate daily scheduled trips for day visitors and campers from Ventura Harbor Village to Scorpion Anchorage in Channel Islands National Park – The Galapagos of North America.

The new pier at Scorpion Anchorage now allows Island Packers, the official park concessionaire, to offers safe and accessible access at Scorpion Anchorage.

Channel Islands National Park Scorpion Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island is located 18 miles off the coast of Ventura County. At 96 square miles, Santa Cruz Island is the largest of Southern California’s eight Channel Islands. Visitors can opt to arrange a kayak tour of Scorpion Anchorage from Santa Barbara Adventure Company.

At present, the upper Scorpion Canyon Campground is now open, but the lower Scorpion Canyon Campground remains closed until further notice.

Scorpion offers a beautiful backdrop for picnics, hiking or camping as well as a user-friendly beach area with access to one of the Marine Reserves. Snorkel with the diverse sea creatures of the kelp forest or take a kayak tour through the sea caves with Santa Barbara Adventure Company.

Island Packers will also continue to offer daily trips to Prisoners Harbor on Santa Cruz Island, regular service to Anacapa Island, weekend trips to Santa Rosa Island, and special day trips to lesser-known island destinations. There will also be multi-island day trips and inter-island camper shuttles to expose visitors to the great diversity of the Channel Islands.

Along with their regularly scheduled Winter whale watching cruises, Island Packers plans to also offer extended Wildlife Cruises, most of which will include a brief cruise along the shoreline of one of the iconic islands.

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