Talk as if your children live here… On this planet, share your best ideas

by Firman Brown

Ventura is known as the home of the original Centre for Art & Talk…a social business. We are a forum for Art & Music and growing social connections in our society today. The joy of learning can also be found in “the joy of learning from other’s experiences.” Always having a place to go where you are wanted, for little cost.

Our talk format is designed to help people who have a limited social life or a super busy lifestyle… resulting in being isolated and disconnected socially from others in their own neighborhoods and communities. Individuals will now have a chance to, relatively quickly, create social and business connections by sharing their best ideas and ideals…enhancing their quality of life.

The 5 Types of intelligences of our species are: physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional.

We focus on enhancing social and emotional intelligence. The idea that our species is evolving mentally and socially is clear. We’ve also become aware that our earth is evolving, reacting to us. Earth and spiritual consciousness exist within each of us.

Recently, the Internet has connected our personal thoughts and ideas…bringing a new level of global shared thought and consciousness. As we are all sensitive to each other, we are all part of our evolution as a species.

Well, social-emotional intelligence was not taught in schools in the 20th century. It was reading, writing and arithmetic. We sat for 18-24 years listening to one person talk…but we rarely got to practice speaking…formulating our thoughts…unless we learned it at home.

At the C.A.T. we’ve created a forum…a place where kids (over 14) and grandparents can come and share experiences with real people…more family time, couples time. This highly social, uniquely enhanced environment with stimulating Music & Art and Musicians & Artists…our two professions most focused on sharing inner perspectives.
Uninterrupted speaking, no counter arguments = an empowered self thought process…speak and evolve your clear inner voice and improve the quality of our relationships with each other.

We need the attention of other people, as psychologists know, to extend our lives. Our minds and spirits grow when we share focused connections with different people. Men can practice speaking their emotions and women speaking their thoughts…it could improve our collective quality of life.

We all know everyone is growing socially planet wide.

The C.A.T. is a format for socially enhancing communities, understanding that we can only concern ourselves with people whom we’ve heard…listened to. We listen to our favorite musicians words and love them (Sting, Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye)…but each of us also have ideas and words that need to be heard…then we can be loved too.

The Centre for Art & Talk…in collaboration with Vaquero Y Mar, where you get food for the body, mind and soul…where the inner voice lives. Visit our hosted $4 Zoom talk online at

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