Gastroenterologist to appear on “The Doctors”

Dr. Sabine Hazan’s COVID video segment will be on “The Doctors” television show on February 24 (Air date is subject to change. Go to https:/ Dr. Hazan is the founder of Ventura Clinical Trials and Progenabiome. She is also a co-author of Let’s Talk Shit: Disease. Digestion and fecal transplants. Hazan has recently been researching COVID and has treated several people for the virus including the chief medical officer of Community Memorial Health System, Dr. Stanley Frochtzwajg.

“We have discovered that the virus stays in our bodies much longer than anyone thought,” says Hazan.” Dr. Hazan is a co-author of a paper recently published in Gut Pathogens about finding the virus in patient stool samples 45 days after testing positive.

Breeze writer, Sheli Ellsworth, co-authored Let’s Talk Shit. “At first I was worried about how to make a book about gut microbes interesting. Then the jokes wouldn’t stop. Now Dr. Hazan is treating people all over the world for COVID—you never know where things will lead.”

Editor: Sheli Ellsworth is a contributing writer for the Ventura Breeze.

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