Vol. 14, No. 10 – Feb 10 – Feb 23, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 1/19

8:05am, receiving multiple reports of damage from the East wind event: trees down, cleats failing & trailered vessels in the dry storage blown around the yard.

9:30am, received report of a large powerboat that lost moorings and is colliding with the Fish&Wildlife vessel secured nearby. Officers responded by land and sea to resecure the cabin cruiser. The response was successful, damage minimal.

2:51pm, received a “Mayday” call on VHF 16, report of a 50ft catamaran breaking from its endtie moorings. Officers responded by vessels and vehicle to VIM I-dock to assist employees re-securing the SV.

Wed 1/20

10:30pm, while on patrol contacted by village security and assisted with removing 5 transients drinking, playing music & charging cellphones at VHV.

Thursday 1/21

6:33pm, while on patrol in the Fireboat, officers observed several fishing violations near the Harbor Entrance. Fishermen were warned of the violations and moved their hoop nets to legal fishing areas outside the breakwall/sandtrap.

Friday 1/22

4:54pm, received report of a semi-truck that drove against traffic from beachmont to Anchorsway dr. Officers responded and were able to contact the driver and warn about wrong way traffic. The driver advised he would update his companies GPS so that the mistake does not occur in the future

Saturday 1/23

10:03pm, received report of transients in the restrooms of the VHV boatyard. Officers responded and found homeless as reported. 3 persons were removed from the private restrooms and warned about trespassing.

Sunday 1/24

12:07pm, received report of a pollical protester screaming racial slurs and throwing a political figures’ picture at an individual parked too close to the disturbing party.

Friday 1/29

7:03am, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed the Santa Clara River berm is nearing breaching. Further observation showed the water is starting to flow towards McGrath along with heavy erosion from recent swell events.

Saturday 1/30

7:12pm, received a report of an injured sealion near VIM L-dock. Officers responded and observed the mammal, no injuries or sickness apparent. But, officers were contacted by a bicyclist who had an injured seabird. Rescue volunteers were contacted and picked up the injured bird for treatment.

Sunday 1/31

12:47pm, received a report of an injured seabird, a cormorant, at the launch ramp. Officers responded and found the bird was captured by a bystander. Possession of the bird was taken into a cage, awaiting rescue volunteer.

12:55pm, while on patrol in Rescue B17, officers observed a vessel engaged in hoopnetting in an extremely shallow area in the sandtrap. The vessel was moved to safer water, outside of the breakwall. Shoaling occurred because of the month-long Northwest swell event that deposited 200 cubic yards of sand there.

Monday 2/1

11:51am, observed a 25ft motor vessel inbound and listing heavily to port. Officers responded and escorted the vessel to the launch ramp and dewatered the vessel so they could haul it out on a trailer. The vessel was recently repaired.

3:45pm, received a walk-in report of a lost person, 89 y/o female who wandered off. Officers located the missing person at nearby business unharmed.

7:07pm, observed a sailboat secure to the VPD longdock. The weary sailor was in search of berthing due to a long voyage from Santa Barbara harbor.


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