Vol. 14, No. 09 – Jan 27 – Feb 9, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


7:33am, received dispatch to an ocean rescue at C-Street. Officers responded and assisted VFD & State Parks. The patient sustained a fractured leg surfing.


1:13pm, while on patrol in the Fireboat, received report of a disabled sailboat in the A-basin. Officers found the vessel and safely towed it back to its slip, VIM.


12:08pm, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue at the Ventura Pier for a missing surfer. Officers responded in Rescue B-19 to assist searching for a diabetic patient who went surfing and was last seen four hours ago. After searching with multiple agencies, the patient was found safe, tired from surfing for four hours.

4:08pm, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue, individual threatening to jump off the end of the pier, refusing to leave. Officers responded in Rescue B-19 & RWC to assist VPD & State Parks with suicidal individual. Convinced him to not jump.


8:15am, observed and received reports of several Hazards to Navigation throughout the harbor probably from the heavy surge due to the large West swell event yesterday and last night. Docks were damaged in the keys also. Hazards found included trees, logs, dock floats and construction debris.

3:30pm, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue, kite surfer in distress upcoast of the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Rescue B-19. The victim was found uninjured and was escort back to the beach.


7:15am, observed a large, deceased sea lion near the Surfers Knoll Groin. Due to the position, high tide and the weight of the animal, officers were unable to remove it. Local volunteer organization, CIMWI was contacted and advised.


9:45am, received report of a vessel accident between to fishing seiners in the commercial docks. Officers responded in fireboat to investigate the report. After interviewing witnesses, minor damage was sustained, no injuries reported.


12:23am, received report of noise disturbance in the keys from kids on an electric boat. Officers responded and terminated the voyage due to no lifejackets

11:20am, while on patrol in Fireboat, contacted a 20ft MV in the sandtrap and advised of the shoaling and the danger of navigation in the area.

11:37pm, dispatched to a medical alarm in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and found the patient who accidentally activated alarm.


1:20pm, received dispatch to ocean rescue, swimmer caught in a rip at the Greenock lane jetty. Officers responded and assisted State Parks with call.

10:23pm, received report of a vessel in distress outside the Harbor Entrance. After a search and assistance with the RP, it was determined that what the RP was observing was the #2 entrance navigation buoy and red light flashing.


3:55am, received a request for entrance conditions from Tow BoatUS, they are inbound towing a 30ft sailboat with a fouled prop. Officers passed conditions.

11:54am, observed a small vessel towing a disabled one. Officers on patrol in Rescue B-19 took the disabled vessel en tow at the Harbor Entrance to the L/R.

4:29pm, received report of fireworks at Harbor Cove near the mermaid statue. Officers responded, found a rap group filming a video and igniting fireworks. The video production was terminated and warnings for the fireworks given.


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