Our Ventura TV features introduction to COVID-19 Vaccinations

Dr. Lissa Barger, Dr. Nessa Meshkaty and Host Sandra Siepak at Our Ventura TV.

Dr. Lissa Barger and Dr. Nessa Meshkaty, Infectious Disease Physicians with Oceanview Medical in Ventura, recently joined Our Ventura TV host Sandra Siepak for a discussion on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines available in Ventura County.

They shared more on how the vaccines work, offer protection, their long-term effects, safety and advice during COVID-19. With safety being the priority, Dr. Barger and Dr. Meshkaty also discuss and encourage continued use of masks and social distancing to slow COVID-19’s spread. “Our discussion answers many important questions about the vaccines and how we can all better protect ourselves during the pandemic,” explained host Sandra Siepak.

The Our Ventura TV interview with Dr. Lissa Barger and Dr. Nessa Meshkaty is available online at www.ourventura.com. Our Ventura TV is an award- winning weekly talk show broadcast on Ventura Cable Channel 6 TV and also published online as well as on social media networks. To become a guest and for more information on the program go to the website and click “contact.”

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